Running Injury Treatment Specialists

So you’ve finally realized you’re in too much pain to run? Good for you! Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. The second step is to quit running for 3 FULL days. If symptoms persist, give one of these fine people a call.

While there are many, many fine medical professionals in the Twin Cities, these two we know from first hand experience. They will treat you right.

Dr Ty CrabtreeDr. Ty

Chiropractor at Uptown Natural Care Center
Dr. Crabtree is a chiropractor in South Minneapolis at the Uptown Natural Care Center. He specializes in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and is certified in Graston Technique®, Active Release Technique® and Rocktape®. He uses these techniques to aid in the correction of soft tissue dysfunction that accompanies overuse injuries that are particularly common in endurance athletes.
2201 Hennepin Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55405

612.377.7760 |

Katie LarsonKatie Larson

Physical Therapist at OSI

Katie is a Physical Therapist at OSI in Stillwater, MN.She started working at OSI Physical Therapy in 2006. She is considered to be an expert in treating the running athlete. About 75% of her caseload is the running athlete.As a runner herself, she can relate to runners on every level. She has run everything from 5K’s to the Marathon. She treats marathon runners, high school cross country runners, and every other level in between (even the ultra runner).

She often video tapes runners while they run to analyze form and technique.As a sports clinical specialist, (a certification given by the American Physical Therapy Association that distinguishes PTs as experts in the field of sports physical therapy) she was certified in 2007. She’s also a certified strength and conditioning coach.

1700 Tower Drive West
Stillwater, MN 55082