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Motivating Minnesotans to become stronger runners while living happier lives.

Minneapolis Running was started by Nathan Freeburg in 2012 as a way to chronicle his own running journey, as well as offer helpful advice to other runners in the Twin Cities area and greater Minnesota. As someone who started running on his high school cross country team in the mid-90’s, he wanted to replicate the joy and community that he found through the sport. Nathan quickly recruited other running friends to share their journeys on the site. Currently, Minneapolis Running has 5 regular contributors and dozens of occasional writers. These are average folks who love running, and the community it builds across all abilities.

A nearly lifelong Minnesotan, Nathan currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and three kids. He travels to Minneapolis monthly for work at his “day-job” with a boutique consulting firm in downtown Minneapolis.

About Minneapolis Running

Our vision at Minneapolis Running is, “Motivating Minnesotans to become stronger runners while living happier lives.

At Minneapolis Running, we want runners to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. We want to help then find running groups to join, and discover new races to run. We want to share inspiring stories from fellow Minnesotans about beating the odds or beating the clock. We want to give them practical advice on treating an injury, increasing their pace, and buying good gear. And we want them to live a better life by eating healthier, sleeping more, and most importantly, having crazy amounts of fun.

We post new, original content 3–4 times a week, as well as host occasional live running chats, monthly motivational challenges, and race meet-ups. We send out every new post via email on the day it is published, or as a weekly summary (subscribers can pick).

At Minneapolis Running, we believe the best version of you requires a whole lot of focus. We enjoy passing on relevant content from others if we think it’ll help you focus on become stronger and happier.

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We are storytellers.

Our audience is drawn to the people and places where running happens. Specific event details are great; the who, what, where and when are important. However, we find the individual stories about the women and men competing and completing events are far more powerful.

Running my First Marathon at Age 59
Lisa running with baby
Unleash the SHE Rochester

Stories like the 59 year old man tackling his first marathon, the mother running her first race after the birth of a child, or the person running to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer… and many, many others. These are the stories we want to tell and share with our readers. They connect us and compel us. They draw us into community with one another, and as a result, connect us to the great sport of running.

Our content is created by runners, for runners.

We’d love the chat with you about how we can tell the story of your next event or product.

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