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  • Amy Nixon

    Thanks for the MRTT shout-out! I’m the Minneapolis chapter leader. I post group runs at Lake Nokomis on Sundays. My chapter is slowly growing (3-6 ladies depending on schedules). I welcome all abilities! I try to buddy you up with someone at your pace. I have some run/walkers in the group. You don’t have to be a mom. Come for the support, conversation and burn off some stress! Happy running!

    • frenat

      That’s awesome Amy!

  • Kandi Ganoe

    I am one of the leaders for the Champlin/Maple Grove Chapter. I have lived in Maple Grove for 1.5 years but previously lived in Duluth, where I was a leader for that chapter as well. MRTT has brought me SO much…amazing new friends, unparalleled support, motivation, inspiration, and tons of fun!

    In Champlin/Maple Grove, we typically have at least 3 regularly scheduled group runs per week throughout the summer (Tuesday, Thursday, and a weekend morning), along with several short-notice runs posted by members at various times as well. We have 275 members and participation at any one run ranges from 3 to 20+ (Thursday evenings in the summer are typically the biggest groups and often include people going anywhere from walking, or 12+ min/miles, to 8 min/mi). We do other events like girls night out, special shopping days at a local running store, fitness challenges, and virtual runs (complete with medals) 2x/yr through MRTT nationally. Any women in or near the Maple Grove area is encouraged to join in the fun!!!