Why you Should Checkout Moms Run this Town

Women are busy, and moms have the added challenge of needing to work around not only their own schedule, but their kids schedules as well. It can be a challenge to fit in time to stay active or be social. This is where Moms RUN This Town (MRTT) comes in!

MRTT was created in 2011 by two moms in Georgia. It started out as one local chapter, but within a couple of months they were nearing 100 chapters nationwide. Three years later and MRTT is approaching 1,000 chapters nationwide as well as in Canada. Most recently, chapters have even popped up in Germany and Japan!

1000 Chapters in 3 Years – Wow!

Obviously there is something special about MRTT for that kind of growth to have happened so quickly…so what is so special? What makes MRTT so unique?

First of all – it is free. There are no registration fees, no membership dues. All you need to become a member is to request to join your local chapter’s closed, private Facebook page. Second of all, MRTT has a gigantic network of moms via social media, providing for an incredible support system, not just locally but nationally!

If you’re wondering how to fit your run in on vacation, or what a good route would be in the area, there’s help! There is a good chance you can look up a chapter near your destination and get in touch with the local running mamas to help you out and make it easier!

How Active is It?

Extremely! This does vary from location to location, as it is left open to each leader how they want to run their chapter. Some leaders find their members prefer to utilize their Facebook page for running chat, sharing tips, talking about races, etc.

Others find their members talk among themselves to identify individual running buddies. Some find they have members who crave a lot of activity, like frequent group runs, sponsored events at local businesses, fitness challenges, and social outings.

It’s an extremely flexible and member-driven group – ideal for a busy mom. Any woman who joins can choose to participate at whatever level is comfortable for them. Bonus – no money is lost if someone decides it’s not for them, or that they prefer to be inspired from behind the computer screen for a while before venturing out with the group.

Moms Run This Town is An Inclusive Group

What if a woman would like to start running but has no idea where to start?

What if you don’t have kids?

What if you have weight to lose?

MRTT has women of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels. MRTT welcomes pet moms, future moms, or really any woman who can spell M-O-M. The ultimate point is for women to have a fun, social place where they receive inspiration and motivation to meet their individual goals, from jogging for a minute straight to training for your first…or tenth…marathon. No matter where you fall within that spectrum, there is a place for you.

MRTT Minnesota Chapters

MRTT has several chapters in Minnesota, including some very active ones in:

  • Champlin/Maple Grove
  • Otsego/Elk River/Rogers
  • St. Louis Park/Golden Valley
  • Savage/Burnsville
  • St. Cloud
  • Minneapolis
  • Mankato
  • Duluth

Find a local chapter near you! You can also search for “Moms Run This Town – Minnesota” on Facebook and ask for assistance with finding a nearby chapter. If there is not a close chapter, consider starting one. It’s free, easy, fun, and flexible.

MRTT motto: “Free to join, but the encouragement and motivation you will receive is PRICELESS”.

Are you part of MRTT?

What has been your experience? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

Kandi Ganoe

Kandi Ganoe

Chapter Leader at Moms Run This Town
Kandi is a working mom of 2 beautiful little girls and also a grad student. After a lifetime of being overweight, she finally made a permanent change and lost 90 pounds. During that (very long) journey, she discovered a love for running and never looked back! She loves spending time with family, reading, playing Scrabble, fishing, swimming, and wine.
Kandi Ganoe

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