Why Sometimes you Just Need a Rest Day

Here I am, now with just over 7 weeks until my 2nd marathon this year.
I like to think of this as an “experiment”.
I’m not that experienced in full marathons as it is, let alone running
2 marathons in one year.

When I initially signed up to run with Team Bright Pink, I was only a few
weeks into my Grandma’s marathon training.
I told myself… “just train hard for Grandma’s and have fun/take it easy for
Chicago marathon”

Training Harder

I’m proud to say I’ve actually been training HARDER for this marathon.
Something lit the fire.
I don’t know exactly what… but I’ve been incorporating more strength training and actually staying more consistent with my speedwork/sprints. (I loathe…but I’ve been committed, and this is big for me).

5 weeks into this adjusted training plan… I hit a major wall

My legs killed. My body was physically spent. But my mind determined.
About me: when I get my mind set on something, I have a hard time backing down and not doing it.
This is a good and a bad thing. Mostly good.
Except when deep down you know you just need a day off.

I often have this internal struggle of whether I’m just lazy and don’t want to run… or if I legitimately need to force myself to take a break.
I hate excuses. So, it kills me to make excuses for “why I didn’t run.”

Leaving work that particular night… I had a scheduled mid-week run of 7 miles ahead of me.
That’s usually “no big deal.”
That night, the absolute thought of it felt physically impossible.
My coworker/good friend/running motivator said to me:

You look AWFUL. Go home. Sleep. Don’t you dare think about running.

Since she’s a runner that I really admire, I took her advice to heart.
And actually, her telling me NOT to run kind of caught me off guard.


She’s telling me DO NOT RUN. (She runs like, 368 days a year!)
I had considered it all day long… skipping it. But I just wrote it off as me being lazy and unmotivated.
That night I was actually really thankful for that validation from her.
My gut was right. My brain was right. My body was right.

Sometimes you need it.
Planned or unplanned.
Don’t beat yourself up for it.
It’s essential.

I woke up the next day feeling like a new human

I gained motivation back.
The thought of running 7 miles didn’t feel like an impossible task.

Lesson learned: I can cut myself some slack every now and then.
No, not every day. Consistency and discipline are key.
But training takes a lot out of you and sometimes it takes more inner
strength to slow down for a day.
Try it sometime, it may prove more beneficial than pushing yourself.

How often do you take rest days? Should you be taking more?

Angie Norvitch

Angie is a web designer, proud marathoner, crocheter, web nerd, social network junkie, MN twins’ diehard, buffalo chicken pizza connoisseur, sister, daughter, lover of sunsets and all things sunshiney, 20-something, beach lover, 5th grade spelling bee champ, olympic foosball hopeful, saved by grace. [ephesians 2:8-9], loved unconditionally. [psalm 139], blessed beyond measure. [john 1:12].

Just to name a few things.