What you Should Know about MN RED Running Club

Have you ever gotten into a lull with your running? Sometimes changing up one little thing can help change your whole mindset about running and make it new and refreshing again. I’ve found running for time instead of distance helps. Sometimes it’s running with music, sometimes without music. Sometimes it’s just finding another person to run alongside you to chat with and get your mind off of the miles at hand.

Personally, I find myself heading out the door to run alone most of the time. Honestly, I weirdly enjoy the time alone… but I’ve also found it’s easy to become complacent. It wasn’t until this past summer that I really started seeking out other runners to join up with for some miles. It really helped either break up the miles, or just pass the miles a little faster. After all, having someone to talk to and someone to push you along when the miles are tough, is never a bad thing but always a good thing.

Nobody Runs Alone

This is one of the mottos of MN Red, a local Twin Cities running club. This run club has been around for 11 years and has group runs scheduled for 7 days a week and consists of runners from every level and ability. The camaraderie of this is what sets this team apart. MN Red won’t leave a race their team has participated in until every last runner crosses the finish line. At the Twin Cities Marathon,  they set up what is called the “RedLine” at their team compound at mile 26 of the marathon. The group cheers on all their fellow runners from here, and even the “faster marathoners” will run their race, and turn around and join The Compound until all the runners have crossed the finish line.

All Runners. All abilities.

A big appeal of this club is it hosts runners of every level. Runners who complete marathons in 2:30 to runners looking to run their first marathon or even their first 5k, without much running experience. This group welcomes everyone and has a pace group for every runner to train with. MN Red considers themselves to be a very social running group, staying for coffee or dinner after many runs. A few of the members even organized a marathon relay for the last day that the Metrodome was open for indoor running this winter. The runners strategically planned how they could get everyone who wanted to participate, to be able to run portions of the 26.2 miles in under 3 hours.  And they did it, in 2:26:46! A very unique way to build team camaraderie and to say farewell to Minneapolis’ landmark indoor running venue.

How do you Join?

If you’re interested in getting connected with this very structured group of runners, you can contact the founder and coach Ron Byland.  A yearly membership for MN Red costs $40, with the option for personal coaching with Ron at an additional cost through his coaching business, Mile to Marathon. Email Ron at coach@miletomarathon.com to get more information about joining up with this group, or if you’re interested in personalized coaching. You can also learn more about the club at MNRed.com

If you’re part of MN Red, leave a comment below and share your experience.


Angie Norvitch

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