Ty Crabtree, D.C.

Dr. Crabtree is a chiropractor in South Minneapolis at the Uptown Natural Care Center. He specializes in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and is certified in Graston Technique®, Active Release Technique® and Rocktape®. He uses these techniques to aid in the correction of soft tissue dysfunction that accompanies overuse injuries that are particularly common in endurance athletes.

*Selected as a “Minnesota Top Chiropractor” for 2015 and 2016 by Minnesota Monthly

Contact Dr. Crabtree
Uptown Natural Care Center
2201 Hennepin Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55405
612.377.7760 | dr.tycrabtree@gmail.com

  • disqus_704TiRbIdR

    Thanks for sharing! Do you have suggestions for any taping for recovering hip/pelvic injuries? I had great PT during my 2nd pregnancy for a pelvic injury sustained in my 1st. Now 4 months postpartum I’ve been training for Grandma’s. I’m feeling generally great but min-mod pelvic soreness is definitely the limiting factor in long runs and I think some stability would really help. Still doing the deep abdominal and pelvic strengthening exercises from PT as well. Any ideas?

    • Ty Crabtree, D.C.

      It sounds like there may be a few things going on. In order to give you specific recommendations, I’d need to perform an exam.

      There are a lot of soft tissue techniques (see my posts about ART and Graston Technique) that could help. Taping could potentially be a great option as well.

      I’d recommend getting in to see a chiropractor. Sounds like something a chiro would be able to help you with. Chiropractic combined with physical therapy makes for great outcomes.

      If you need help finding someone who does these techniques, send me an email and I’d be happy to help you find someone near you.

  • frenat

    A PT friend of mine hooked me up with some of this before a marathon a few years ago. Not sure why it helped, but it definitely helped with some calf issues I was having at the time. If anecdotal evidence is all we have, sometimes thats all we need 😉