Nathan Freeburg

Nathan started running when he was 14. 20+ years later, he’s still going. When he’s not running, he enjoys exploring the city with his son, finding new restaurants with his wife, traveling, or backpacking. He loves dark beer, dark chocolate, and dark coffee.

Nathan currently lives in Portland, Oregon, but works in Minneapolis and runs wherever he is. Favorite Minnesota running route is anything that takes him along the Mississippi River.
Race Results.

Nathan’s day job is a Consultant with Leadership Vision in Downtown Minneapolis.

  • efiasco

    Twin Cities Marathon 2013 finisher shirt, because I worked so hard for that marathon PR! And the shirt fits really well;)

    • frenat

      And a great color! Good job.

  • Katie Cummings

    Oh man! The hardest part of this will be deciding WHICH shirt to wear!

  • Todd Reemtsma

    I think my Wild Duluth 50K from last year (2013) is my current favorite since I can’t even believe I finished such a difficult, but gorgeous, race.

    • frenat

      That is an amazingly long race. Good work! Are you wearing that shirt today?

      • Todd Reemtsma

        That one was dirty so I’ve got my 2007 TC Marathon shirt on today.