Dave Williams

David is a life long resident of Minneapolis and currently lives just north of Lake Hiawatha. His weekday runs typically take him around Lake Nokomis while weekend runs give him the opportunity to navigate non-paved trails throughout the metro. He has completed five marathons, four half Ironman distance triathlons, one full Ironman triathlon (Ironman Wisconsin, 2010) and four 50k ultra-marathons.

His current goal is completing the 50 mile fall Superior Trail Race.

  • Henry Stephen

    Great park for running. I work nearby and run there 3+ times/week. Lots of trail variety.

    • frenat

      What’s you’re favorite route?

      • Henry Stephen

        Tough question, mostly because the variety is one of the great features of Wirth Park. I like the single-track trails on the west side of the park, north of Highway 55. Lately I’ve been exploring the east side, near the Glenwood Inglewood building and Basset Creek area. My office is just south of 394, so I will often cross at Wirth Parkway and do a big circle around the park and come back across 394 on the pedestrian bridge between North and South Tyrol Hills neighborhoods. Very cool.

        • frenat

          Soany options, tough to choose!

        • asha.

          I live nearby, and am always looking for partners to run with. Hopefully I cross paths with one (or more) of you sometime in the near future!

  • I love Wirth, but almost never cross over 55 as there is so much to run on south of there, except for the Surly Loppet.

  • rc reed

    Nice article. Wirth is one of my favorites. A couple of things:
    1. There are tons of singletrack running/hiking trails in the Quaking Bog area — don’t overlook those! There are also some good hills in the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden area (not the garden itself, but around it) and on the golf course.
    2. The bike singletrack is great for running! But never run on it when the trails are closed or wet. MORC works really hard to keep these trails in rideable, runnable shape.
    3. I’d always heard you should run in the OPPOSITE direction of the bike traffic, not with it. Anyone know for sure?