Nathan Freeburg

Nathan started running when he was 14. 20+ years later, he’s still going. When he’s not running, he enjoys exploring the city with his son, finding new restaurants with his wife, traveling, or backpacking. He loves dark beer, dark chocolate, and dark coffee.

Nathan currently lives in Portland, Oregon, but works in Minneapolis and runs wherever he is. Favorite Minnesota running route is anything that takes him along the Mississippi River.
Race Results.

Nathan’s day job is a Consultant with Leadership Vision in Downtown Minneapolis.

  • Great Review Nathan! It is nice to see an unbiased review of what really works and why. Glad MN has finally loosened its grip on you all, and we look forward to a nice summer of running!

    • frenat

      Thanks! How is the weather out in MA?

      • That was me posting, so I am in KY 🙂 In which case the weather is 50 and sunny, perfect running weather 🙂

  • Kitty Hallin

    Could you do a post like this for women’s gear? It would be greatly appreciated!

    • frenat

      Already working on it!

  • EricRinMpls

    What is your stance on rain jackets? If it is raining out, are you in the “I’m just going to get wet anyway” camp, or the “Oh the chafing – wear a jacket you fool” camp? If you do, is it something like the Impossibly Light jacket you mention above, or are there certain features you look for in a lightweight running jacket?

    • frenat

      Personally, I like those light jackets more for the wind blocking then the rain protection. I think you get so wet anyway when it’s raining, it doesn’t really matter. That said, something that blocks wind, resists rain (at least a little) and is breathable, is fantastic (like the one mentioned).