Jenna Duesterhoeft

Jenna is a demand planner for noosa yoghurt in Denver, CO as well as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She loves anything food and fitness related and strives to maintain a healthy, balanced (sometimes indulgent) lifestyle. Check out her recipes and workouts over at Just J.Faye!

  • Christine McLaren

    I actually love these types of workouts! My problem is combining HIIT/burpees/squats/lunges plus running in my hilly Excelsior/Chanhassen community really hurt my knees. Completely backed off running to no more than three miles a couple times a week and haven’t done a HIIT for two weeks and traded for stretching/foam rolling. Question: should I give up HIIT in order to keep running, or give up running for awhile and do HIIT to strengthen? Doesn’t seem I can do both.