Sara Welle

Sara Welle adores all things running. She started running in 2005 and just won’t stop. Sara runs for Fitsok and Nuun Hydration. When not running, she’s most likely cooking, eating, and/or enjoying the fabulous craft beer scene in NE Minneapolis. Race Results

  • Joseph Dworak

    Good post Sara! I found a pair of Pearl Izumi’s that I love and get on clearance for $55 on Amazon. Comfort is a big deal, and they are super comfortable for my foot. Thanks for the post.

    • Sara

      Thanks Joseph! I just love talking about running shoes. 🙂 Happy trails!

  • Eric Pleiss

    I like to try and test drive new shoes about every 18 months at my local running store. Find the most comfortable shoe, buy it, and then buy three or four more pairs when they are discounted for the new models to get me through until it is time for more shoes.

  • KyleJeffreyKranz

    It’s all about comfort! My favorite pair of shoes are my Skora Forms when they start to get up to 500+ miles and the leather has really molded to how your foot is shaped and moves. About as close to a custom fit as you can get with a pair of shoes.

    Kyle (@ skora)

  • Gina Lecy

    My favorite shoes have changed over time. When I first started running I fell in love with Mizuno’s Wave Creations but after going through a few changes in the models they didn’t work for my any longer. I moved onto Brooks Ghosts then the Glycerin’s. I loved the Cascadia’s for a while for trails and recently had to give those up and am now using Pearl Izumi’s. I tried Hoka’s once and almost threw them back at the rep I hated them so much!!