Jared VanderHook

Jared is a trail runner, beer enthusiast and lover of mountains. He just started running a few years ago and seems to enjoy the pain and elation of running ultramarathons.

  • Sara

    Nice work Jared! (And Mike, Tim and Jason!) Great race report. I can’t believe that was your first time up in the Sawtooth!

  • Great writeup! I really enjoyed running together, and was incredibly impressed both by your dominance in the first 75% and your perseverance in the final 25%.

  • rc reed

    Thanks for the writeup! It was an amazing day to be out there. Here’s my race report: http://thesethingshappentootherpeople.blogspot.com/2014/05/sunshine-mud-and-euphoria-on-trails.html

  • Zan

    I had a great race. Coming from California I’m strong in the mountains, but have very little technical experience. And definitly zero experience in knee deep mud and much covered bridges! My style is unassumingly conservative front half, then hyper aggressive second half. 3rd masters womens, 8th female over all. A nice start to my race season!

    • frenat

      Way to go!