Krysta Gunvalson

Krysta is an East Coast turned Midwest transplant currently living in Portland, OR, but is home wherever she can run. She is a runner for the Oiselle team and is passionate about running and the communities that it creates. Her long-term running goal is to run a 3:00 marathon, but for now will settle for running the 2017 Boston Marathon. When she isn't running, Krysta loves to be active outdoors, travel, and spend time with her husband and their puggle, Duke.
  • Michel Moreau

    I would love to see someone do a study about running shirtless. I don’t think it cools you down.

    • frenat

      Interesting… Why not? Maybe because sweat cools you down and going shirtless doesn’t allow any sweat to stay on the body?

      • Michel Moreau

        Yeah. That’s kind of always been my thought process. I also feel like the sun directly hitting your body will heat you up.