Colleen Supple

Colleen lives in Robbinsdale with her husband and has run the roads and trails around the Twin Cities since 2007. She is currently exploring the 50K distance and is trying the experiment of staying in continuous marathon shape. She loves to travel and finds a run wherever she is. Her passions include reading great stories, introducing running to a newbie, and finding a great local brew.

  • Jessie

    I have read so much about this on Ali on the Run’s blog in NYC- How did I not know we have a Minneapolis chapter? It sounds like such a blast!

    • frenat

      You should check it out after your marathon!

    • Katie Cummings

      Yes! Sometimes its hard to find the Minneapolis chapters of things, but I am so glad to hear that the November project isn’t just on the east coast.

      • Cyndi Hovey

        Katie! Hope to see you there soon! perhaps even tomorrow am!

    • Cyndi Hovey

      Jessie! Minneapolis NP looks forward to you joining the tribe 🙂