Lisa Fenske

Lisa Fenske started running in college and now it is a big part of her life. When she isn’t training for her

next half-marathon, she enjoys discovering healthy recipes on Pinterest, volunteering for Guild

Incorporated, networking, traveling, kickboxing, and zumba.

  • Rich Rein

    Winter Frolic 5K, 100% Irish for a Day 10 Mile, Get Lucky 7K, and Irish Run 5K for me – it’s going to be a busy, but good, month for me!

  • ashley rebekah

    i’m doing the get lucky 7k. so excited – my first race of 2014!

    • frenat

      That’s great! How many on your calendar in all of 2014?

      • ashley rebekah

        six races on the calendar for this year, the “a” race being a half marathon in september (it’ll be my 2nd). can’t wait!

        • frenat

          Super! Happy training. Let us know if we can help.