Jennifer Fitzharris-Funk

Jennifer has been running for over 15 years. While she loves to run – her true passion is triathlon. She’s been racing with TEAM SOAS since 2014.

Jennifer likes to swim, bike and run in the city of Minneapolis where she lives with her husband and dogs, Ruby and Koa. Her favorite running (and swimming) route is around Lake Nokomis, where you’ll often spot her with a four-legged running partner.

Athlinks Profile

  • frenat

    My biggest challenge is the swim. I’ve never quite been able to figure out how to make forward progress 🙂

    • fitzmpls

      Not growing up as a swimmer myself – the swim is the hardest part for me too! Swim technique can get a little overwhelming. The basics to focus on; breathing (sounds silly, but many people hold their breath while swimming only to exhale/inhale when taking a breath), crossover (avoid crossing your arms in front of your head – envision they’re always at 10 and 2) and the catch/pull (this one is tough to describe in a post and there are lots of techniques to work on the pull).