Ty Crabtree, D.C.

Dr. Crabtree is a chiropractor in South Minneapolis at the Uptown Natural Care Center. He specializes in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and is certified in Graston Technique®, Active Release Technique® and Rocktape®. He uses these techniques to aid in the correction of soft tissue dysfunction that accompanies overuse injuries that are particularly common in endurance athletes.

*Selected as a “Minnesota Top Chiropractor” for 2015 and 2016 by Minnesota Monthly

Contact Dr. Crabtree
Uptown Natural Care Center
2201 Hennepin Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55405
612.377.7760 | dr.tycrabtree@gmail.com

  • Henry Stephen

    The only K-tape I’ve used is KT Tape Pro and I’ve only used it on my knees. I believe they recommend applying the tape a few hours before use. My honed process involves 1) shave knee, 2) clean skin with rubbing alcohol, 3) apply tape as per directions, 4) rub tape vigorously to “engage the adhesive” (I don’t understand why this works, but it does), 5) wait a few hours or overnight (I usually apply at night) 6) run as normal. With this process the tape lasts 5-6 days for me including multiple daily showers.

    Are there other tapes that you have had better success with?

    • frenat

      Shaving is perhaps an overlooked step?


    • Ty Crabtree, D.C.

      Shaving definitely helps, but I haven’t had an issue with other brands of tape without shaving. I followed the KT Tape instructions for application, which aren’t really any different from any other brand’s instructions.

      Sure there are things you can do to make the tape last longer, but that is true of any brand of tape.

      I replaced the KT Tape Pro with a different brand prior to my next run and wore it for a week without shaving following the same application instructions.