• I’m actually waiting on the traditional hard plastic orthotics. My podiatrist didn’t recommend Foot Levelers. If the current prescription doesn’t work, I’ll consider Foot Levelers.

    Nice article, though. Feet are such a valuable asset and shoes aren’t cure all for injury prevention.

    • Ty Crabtree, D.C.


      The hard orthotics will give you relief. The issue with them is that they brace your foot too much. Your deep foot muscles will weaken and you will eventually rely on your orthotics to function. Wearing shoes without your orthotics and barefoot walking will likely become difficult.

      Your podiatrist did not recommend Foot Levelers because they are only available through chiropractic offices.

      If you go forward with the hard orthotics be sure to do plenty of foot strengthening to keep your foot muscles activated and strong! See my post on plantar fasciitis for an example of strengthening exercises for your feet.