How Life Time Run Can Help You Become a Stronger Runner

You may know Life Time Fitness as the brick and mortar buildings scattered throughout the Twin Cities (and around the country). As a runner, you may not know the vast amount of resources available to you for virtually nothing!

“We’re focused on building the largest run club in the country” says Duane Birchem, Director of Life Time Run for Life Time Fitness. “Life Time doesn’t just want to be 4 walls and fitness equipment…. we want to be a healthy way of life company.

Whether you’re already part of another running club or not, a seasoned pro or beginner, Life Time Run may have something special to offer you.

What is Life Time Run?

Four years ago, Life Time Run was started as a company within a company. They quickly realized that if they were going to be successful, they needed coaches and run club leaders to make Life Time Run a valuable benefit for it’s members.

According to their website, Life Time Run’s mission is,

…to provide the best in class people, programs and places to runners across the county. Our offerings are intended to serve every age and ability, every speed and style. So whether you’re interested in running your first 5k, or you’re a seasoned marathoner, Life Time Run has the people & programs to help you reach your personal running goals.

To date, there are approximately 4,000 members of Life Time Run.

And the best part, it’s almost all FREE!

Why you Should Join Life Time Run

Life Time Run is a running club for anyone wanting to become a better runner. There are four ways they will help you do this.

  1. Social Runs are group runs where you simply enjoy the company of other runners. They tend to be laid back and focused on the social aspect of running. Studies have shown that group runs alone help you improve as a runner – you’re not breaking any records – but can establish consistency with your fitness.
  2. Custom Training will help you hit those more specific goals. From custom plans or personal coaching, they offer a variety of different ways to achieve whatever it is you’re striving for.
  3. Events are a big part of Life Time Fitness. They host around 150 different events around the country. If you live in Minnesota, you’ve no doubt heard of the Torchlight 5k , Turkey Day 5k or Commitment Day 5k. They have many race specific training groups to encourage and motivate you.
  4. Retailers: There are several local specialty running stores who are valued added retailers, meaning, Life Time Run members can go in those shops and get discounts on their favorite running gear.

How to Join Life Time Run in 2014

A new change this year is that Life Time Run is free for anyone to join – you don’t have to  be a member of a Life Time Fitness club. You simply go online, fill out the form and one of the area run coordinators will contact you!

If you have a specific race or goal you’re training for, you can also signup for paid plans, or individualized coaching. They are practically giving these away!

The cost is whatever the distance is.” says Birchem. “So if you’re running a 5k, it’s just $3.10. A marathon is $26.20.” He went on to say that this isn’t about generating money for them, but about helping people build healthier lifestyles. Kinda matches our mission statement.

Group Runs

Every Tuesday night, there are Life Time Group runs at 90 locations nationwide. In Minnesota alone there may be as many as 1,000 Minnesotans heading out for a run at their respective location.

They also recently began Dawn Patrol, a Thursday morning program. It’s designed to help you incorporate strength training into your workout. It’s a mixture of core work and other strength and endurance training to push you beyond your running.

Get Involved with Life Time Run!

If you live near a Life Time and just want to check it out, I highly encourage you to signup and see what it’s all about. They have over 90 certified running coaches nation wide and are looking to expand. Each group run is hosted by someone who can help you reach your goals.

Life Time Run and You

Have you bee part of Life Time Run? What was your experience? Leave us a comment below.

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