Sara Welle

Sara Welle adores all things running. She started running in 2005 and just won’t stop. Sara runs for Fitsok and Nuun Hydration. When not running, she’s most likely cooking, eating, and/or enjoying the fabulous craft beer scene in NE Minneapolis. Race Results

  • Great recap Sara! I really enjoyed reading this. Good luck on the BQ in 2015!

    • Sara

      Thanks Jessie!

  • Doron Clark

    Thanks for sharing. I fully support the year of the BBQ!

    • Sara

      Thanks Doron!

  • Carly Gau

    Sara!!! This was the weekend I bumped into you at the hotel in Duluth?! Sorry to hear about your injury, but also very excited for your 2015 BQ goal. That one is on my radar in the future.

    • Sara

      Carly, it was! Those steps into the hotel were KILLER after I fell! It was so good to see you then, and I hope I see you sometime soon, hopefully on a run!