Krysta Gunvalson

Krysta is an East Coast turned Midwest transplant currently living in Portland, OR, but is home wherever she can run. She is a runner for the Oiselle team and is passionate about running and the communities that it creates. Her long-term running goal is to run a 3:00 marathon, but for now will settle for running the 2017 Boston Marathon. When she isn’t running, Krysta loves to be active outdoors, travel, and spend time with her husband and their puggle, Duke.

  • Colleen Schuette

    I broke a rule when my husband bought me a flip belt the day before a marathon (he didn’t know that we don’t try new things on race day). I have it a whirl and planned to drop it with a friend at mile 8. I wore it through the entire marathon and LOVED it! It’s all I run with now, and love that it’s given me more options when shopping for bottoms as I always searched for shorts/tights with pockets.

    • ktan

      I completely agree, Colleen! Pockets in shorts used to be a NECESSITY, but with the FlipBelt I need them less and less. Glad to hear you loved the FlipBelt, too, and that it didn’t cause any problems on race day. Huge bonus!

      • frenat

        Pockets are so 2016!