Rich Rein

Rich is a lead software engineer by day, a firefighter/EMT by night, father to a young son – and working on becoming a runner in between.

Race Results

  • Steve Collier

    I like the 220 and presumably would like the 225. The one thing I don’t like is the lack of display of %of maxHR, which presumably is also missing on the 225. I became used to using this with the older 310XT and base my marathon pacing around it. It must be a simple matter to calculate it, and I wish Garmin would include it in a software update.

    • Rich Rein

      Having only really tracked HR since purchasing my FR225, I don’t miss what I didn’t have – but you are correct, the only number displayed on the watch is the actual HR (not a % of max). That being said, you can create your own HR zones based on your own max and resting HR – which at least would let you know at a glance which zone you are in (based on pre-defined percentages of max). The other enhancement on my list would be to overlay something about heart rate on the other data pages (e.g., keep the “gauge”-style display on the screen as the border when viewing your pace/mileage/total time, so that you could see that data while also being able to see your current zone without having to toggle between screens).

  • Katie Thompson

    I find it interesting this post was out today since I am currently waiting for my FR225 to be delivered. I have always been interested in tracking my steps and sleep but have not wanted multiple devices. What put me over the edge was the heart rate montior built in. Just a little nervous since there have been a few reviews that say the HR is not the best all the time. I guess only time will tell!

    • Rich Rein

      Good luck – please check back and let us know how you feel after you take it for a few runs!

      On the subject of heart rate, I have read some reviews going in both directions – but one pretty reliable/unbiased source (DCRainmaker, if you are familiar) did some pretty extensive heart rate comparison test between various watches and straps, and seemed to be very happy with what he saw.

      Inherently, there is a very small segment of the population which may have problems with an optical sensor getting a good reading, possibly due to variables like skin tone, excessive arm hair, tattoos, or even the amount of fat (or lack thereof). Before just assuming that you fall into one of these categories, try the following:
      * Make sure that the watch is snug. There is a rubber gasket of sorts around the sensor on the backside of the watch, but this really needs to be slightly compressed against your skin to keep ambient light out. Add in the fact that the rubber in this watch’s band is a bit more stretchy than some other Garmin products (it even differs from its very close sibling, the FR220), and you really do have to wear it much more snugly than you are likely used to (at least during activities where you wish to track HR).
      * Move the watch away from your wrist bone – essentially you are aiming for a more flat area of your forearm to maximize your chances at a good reading (this can be as simple as moving the watch an inch down from wear your normally wear a watch).
      * Try the other wrist for your runs, or even the inside of your wrist.
      * As cooler weather comes, be mindful of the ambient temperature of the watch as you run. If the first few minutes of your workout seem to have issues with HR tracking, try warming up the watch before your run (e.g., don’t leave it in your car all day at work during the winter, then strap it on and hit the road).

  • Jill Fitzharris Smith

    I wear a Fitbit Charge as my everyday watch and to track sleep/steps. When I run I wear both the Fitbit and my Garmin 220, which is a bit ridiculous. I really like the Garmin 220, and the 225 combines the best of the Fitbit and Garmin 220, I just wished it looked a bit sleeker so that I could wear it as an everyday watch too. As a female with a smaller wrist, it looks too much like a sport watch to be my everyday watch. Maybe they will come out with an all black version?!? Thanks for the review.

    • Rich Rein

      I will be curious to see if any other colors come out as well (like purple/white of the 220), and which other watches will get the activity/HRM treatment as well. I could see the 620 coming out as a 625, but not sure where the trend will go beyond that.