Nathan Freeburg

Nathan started running when he was 14. 20+ years later, he’s still going. When he’s not running, he enjoys exploring the city with his son, finding new restaurants with his wife, traveling, or backpacking. He loves dark beer, dark chocolate, and dark coffee.

Nathan currently lives in Portland, Oregon, but works in Minneapolis and runs wherever he is. Favorite Minnesota running route is anything that takes him along the Mississippi River.
Race Results.

Nathan’s day job is a Consultant with Leadership Vision in Downtown Minneapolis.

  • Sara

    Amen! Looking forward to seeing you are more 5Ks! Maybe a Beer Mile is next?

    • Sara, I’m doing the Gear/Brit’s beer 5k next Sunday! Will you be at that one?

      • Sara

        I hadn’t heard of that one! I’ll look into it!

    • frenat

      Let’s do it! Beer miles are so hot right now.

  • Great post and great pic of you. I’m sure some runners still poop at a 5k.

    5k’s are great because they are over so fast! I still get nervous (elevated blood pressure!!!) but they’re done before you even know what just happened.

    • frenat

      Thanks! It is nice that they are over so quick. It’s only painful for a short time.