Meet the Calhoun Beach Running Club!

Do you run with a group or do you train alone? If you’re currently a lone wolf type of runner, you may want to consider joining a group. There are several reasons why, not to mention it’s just fun!

Since The Calhoun Beach Running Club’s (CBRC) creation in 2000, the club’s membership has grown significantly. Originally founded in order to train for the Twin Cities Marathon, the CBRC currently boasts 125 paying members and is reputed as the premier running club in the Twin Cities (MN) area.

The club combines a comprehensive training program with professional coaches and social events in order to create a fun community of runners.

Even though it is primarily known for helping runners train for the Twin Cities Marathon, CBRC runners race distances ranging from 5K to half-marathon to marathon. The club’s manager, head coach, and assistant coach provide members with lots of instruction, so runners know exactly what to do to increase their performance.

What does Membership Look Like?

Membership involves a one-time $60 initiation fee and $14 monthly dues. CBRC membership dues provides support stops (15 miles or longer), showers, and lockers to hold people’s personal belongings during a run.

Whether you want to train for a particular race, or all season long, CBRC regularly welcomes new members. While you must be a member to run with CBRC normally, they do offer runners one free trial run with the group in order to get a feel for the facility and the team.

David Hong, CBRC Assistant Coach, joined the CBRC in March 2012 to train for a Boston Qualifier at the Twin Cities Marathon. He said

I was looking to train with runners who were significantly better than me and therefore could push me to obtain a BQ myself. I also liked that the club runs around the Uptown lakes, and that it is a fairly young group with most members in their 20s or early 30s.

What the Club Offers

CBRC has coach led runs and workouts four days a week. The group runs on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 6 p.m., and on Saturdays at 8 a.m. (7 a.m. from July-September). As a member, you can miss a day and still have plenty of days to run with the group. On a typical night around 25 – 30 people come to run.

The runners meet at the Calhoun Beach Club which is conveniently located on the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes and running trails. This allows one to explore and see a different combo of lakes, downtown, and river road during each run.

Additionally, CBRC is involved in many non-exercise-related event programming throughout the year.  Popular summer events include post-run happy hours, pub crawls, and Saturday brunches. They also hosted the Memorial Day Pub Run, featuring a post-run barbeque.

The group naturally self-selects to be on younger side; most of the members are between the ages of 20 and 40 years old, and membership is split evenly between men and women.  Finally, the group’s pacing is faster than many groups in the Twin Cities, as evidenced by 20-30% of its membership qualifying for Boston.

According to their web site,

The CBRC combines great coaching, top-notch facilities, comprehensive training programs, fun runners, and social events into a package no other running club can compete with.

If that sounds like fun, sign up!

Get Involved

Join in on the fun while also preparing for a race! Email for more info.

Are you part of the Calhoun Beach Running Club? What has been your experience? Share your story below.

Lisa Fenske

Lisa Fenske started running in college and now it is a big part of her life. When she isn’t training for her

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