Justin Kruse

Justin started running in college as a way to take a break from his studies. What started as a study break, grew in to a hobby, then into a full blown passion. He is a volunteer coach with the Prior Lake High School cross country team and runs with the Mill City Running team. When he is not running, you will probably find his nose buried in a training book or out enjoying a beer at one of the many great breweries in the Twin Cities.

  • nashkato

    Good post, sound advice. I’d like to note that if you’re using the Hanson’s method in the marathon book (which I have done twice with good results), the weekly “strength” runs during the last 6-8 weeks are specified at 0:10 faster than goal marathon pace. For most of us, that is likely to be slower than than a true threshold, and is definitely slower than what Jack Daniels VDOT would call for. You can see this if you plug times into a McMillan calculator too. For this reason, I deviated somewhat form the Hanson marathon plan somewhat this year. We’ll see how it turned out next month at TCM!