bathrooms in Minneapolis

View in Google Maps. Green = Indoor | Blue = Outdoor/Temporary.

Have you ever been desperate to find a bathroom in Minneapolis when out for a run? The below bathroom map came as a result of a very real need. It is a list of many of the known bathrooms in Minneapolis that are friendly to runners (including porta potties). Primarily located along popular running routes, hopefully this will come in handy.

Make a shortcut to this map on your smart phone and keep it hand for times when you’re out for your weekly long run.

Running in an urban environment can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you’re more likely to run by some bathrooms in Minneapolis then say, Brainerd. On the other, if you can’t find one quick enough, you may be scrambling down the banks of the Mississippi, or knocking on random people’s doors, asking to use their restroom.

Contribute to the Minneapolis Bathroom Map

bathrooms in MinneapolisIt’s our hope to get YOUR input to make this the most complete list of running bathroom locations in the metro. Through crowd sourcing, we can create something that will truly benefit the running community, not to mention other active people. When you’re training for a marathon, or just out for a stroll, you’ll be glad you have this.

This is a dynamic list and will periodically change. Due to seasonal bathrooms, or establishments closing, we cannot guarantee that it will always be 100% accurate. However, we’ve done a pretty good job to make sure the bathroom map has plenty of locations that are open year round so you don’t get stuck due to Minnesota weather.

Contact us if you’d like to contribute to our list of Bathrooms in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Simply send us an email and we’ll add you to the list of authorized users. Or, simply send us the location of some bathrooms in Minneapolis and we’ll get it added.

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