8 Tips for Running in the Rain

8 Tips for Running in the Rain

Running in the rain is something people either love or hate. I’m currently training for my third half-marathon, and have noticed that I am less motivated to get there because of Minnesota’s longest winter and rainy season. My willingness to run outside in the wet or cold is nonexistent. It may sound like I am waiting for the perfect weather to run outside, but given the fact that we live in Minnesota, I may be waiting for a long, long time.

Since my half-marathon is coming up, I need to stop waiting for the perfect weather. I need to start putting in longer distances which I am not keen on doing on the treadmill.

Recently I Googled “how to run in the rain”. I needed some tips and reassurance that I will not melt. Since races are hardly ever canceled due to rain, this is an important skill to learn. Matter of fact, training outside in all conditions is useful and beneficial.

Below are some helpful hints I found on making our not ideal rainy weather bearable for runners of all skill levels. I hope you notice how basic the tips are, and I also hope it motivates you to get out there and run when the conditions are less than ideal.

Free Running in the Rain Checklist 

Tips for Running in the Rain

Wear a Hat with a Brim: Ever wished glasses had windshield wipers? Since that is not invented yet, a hat will do. It will keep the rain off your face and help block the wind allowing you to see.

Dress in Layers: The fabric closest to your body should be a technical fabric such as polypropylene or CoolMax. This helps take in water and sweat away from your skin. If it’s also cold, throw on an outer layer. This should be a wind and water-resistant jacket (a big trash bag can do the trick). However wearing more layers does not mean you will stay dry; it may mean that you will be wearing unnecessary heavy and wet clothes.

Protect Your Electronics: Store electronics, such as your cell phone and iPod, in a Ziploc bag. Obvious!

Wear reflective clothing: Wearing reflective material or a lighter-colored shirt will increase your visibility and keep you safe while you run in the rain.

Lube Up: When you’re wet, things tend to chafe more. As a result, use Vaseline, Body Glide, or other non-chafe cream on places likely to cause friction and rub.

Be careful: While running be extra careful and watch your footing. Puddles may hide a pothole, and roads gets slick when it is wet.

After You’ve been Running in the Rain

Dry Out Your Shoes: When you get back from a wet run, take off your running shoes, loosen the laces, take out the insoles, and stuff them with crumpled balls of newspaper. This helps the shoes keep their shape, and the paper draws moisture away from the shoes. Do not put your wet shoes on direct heat! The heat will dry out the materials in the shoes and mess with the shoes integrity.

Pat yourself on the back:  Running in the rain isn’t really fun, especially if it is cold and windy.  Be proud of yourself that you rain against your normal element.

What tricks have you learned for running in the rain? Share them below.

Here are five tips for running in the rain from CTolleRun.

Free Running in the Rain Checklist

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  • lynn kale

    This wasn’t obvious to me the first time I ran in the rain, so I thought it should be added: wear wool or moisture-wicking socks. Cotton socks, once wet, stretch out and move around a lot, which can lead to blisters. Plus, if it’s cold enough out, your feet can get really cold when wet.

  • Warren

    For me I train hard! To the Core! I run in Windy days at the heaviest of days, In the Rain at its hardest, In the Snow at its Coldest, even Summer on the Hottest point of the day. I have been able to do These practices or training sets because I tell myself I can do it. And their is no possible way anything is gonna stand in my way. “Nothing can Fade You!” For example in the forest on Winter-days when it’s cold, wind is blowing hard it’s even snowing hard. I go out with just shorts and shoes. Nothing else I go out their and do my thing. I tell my self I can do it. And so can (YOU) even if you don’t do it my way your ways is great aswell just know

    • frenat

      Thats awesome! Way to go hard!

  • Crystal

    Essentially, you copied 99% of this info off the SkinnyRunner post.

  • http://www.jeffreypillow.com/ Jeffrey Pillow

    I enjoy running in the rain. Running in cold rain in winter, not so much. Considering you live in Minnesota, however, I guess I can’t complain or make an excuse to sit here propped in front of my glowing laptop screen, dry. Off to run. Thank you for the post — and motivation.

    • frenat

      Have a great run!

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  • merideth

    I just saw this even thought it was a while ago, but I have been training and I am just hitting my sweet spot and dont want miss a day. Guess what! Rain.. But this got me motivated and prepared to do it!! Thanks!!

    • frenat

      Awesome Merideth! Hope it went well. What are you training for?