Krysta Gunvalson

Krysta is an East Coast turned Midwest transplant currently living in Portland, OR, but is home wherever she can run. She is a runner for the Oiselle team and is passionate about running and the communities that it creates. Her long-term running goal is to run a 3:00 marathon, but for now will settle for running the 2017 Boston Marathon. When she isn't running, Krysta loves to be active outdoors, travel, and spend time with her husband and their puggle, Duke.
  • lynn kale

    This wasn’t obvious to me the first time I ran in the rain, so I thought it should be added: wear wool or moisture-wicking socks. Cotton socks, once wet, stretch out and move around a lot, which can lead to blisters. Plus, if it’s cold enough out, your feet can get really cold when wet.

  • Warren

    For me I train hard! To the Core! I run in Windy days at the heaviest of days, In the Rain at its hardest, In the Snow at its Coldest, even Summer on the Hottest point of the day. I have been able to do These practices or training sets because I tell myself I can do it. And their is no possible way anything is gonna stand in my way. “Nothing can Fade You!” For example in the forest on Winter-days when it’s cold, wind is blowing hard it’s even snowing hard. I go out with just shorts and shoes. Nothing else I go out their and do my thing. I tell my self I can do it. And so can (YOU) even if you don’t do it my way your ways is great aswell just know

    • frenat

      Thats awesome! Way to go hard!

  • Crystal

    Essentially, you copied 99% of this info off the SkinnyRunner post.

  • I enjoy running in the rain. Running in cold rain in winter, not so much. Considering you live in Minnesota, however, I guess I can’t complain or make an excuse to sit here propped in front of my glowing laptop screen, dry. Off to run. Thank you for the post — and motivation.

    • frenat

      Have a great run!

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  • merideth

    I just saw this even thought it was a while ago, but I have been training and I am just hitting my sweet spot and dont want miss a day. Guess what! Rain.. But this got me motivated and prepared to do it!! Thanks!!

    • frenat

      Awesome Merideth! Hope it went well. What are you training for?