Krysta Gunvalson

Krysta is an East Coast turned Midwest transplant currently living in Portland, OR. She runs and trains with the Portland-based Rose City Track Club and is passionate about the communities running creates. Her big, audacious goal is to run a sub-3:00 marathon (and write a book in the process). More of her writing can be found at

  • lynn kale

    This wasn’t obvious to me the first time I ran in the rain, so I thought it should be added: wear wool or moisture-wicking socks. Cotton socks, once wet, stretch out and move around a lot, which can lead to blisters. Plus, if it’s cold enough out, your feet can get really cold when wet.

  • Warren

    For me I train hard! To the Core! I run in Windy days at the heaviest of days, In the Rain at its hardest, In the Snow at its Coldest, even Summer on the Hottest point of the day. I have been able to do These practices or training sets because I tell myself I can do it. And their is no possible way anything is gonna stand in my way. “Nothing can Fade You!” For example in the forest on Winter-days when it’s cold, wind is blowing hard it’s even snowing hard. I go out with just shorts and shoes. Nothing else I go out their and do my thing. I tell my self I can do it. And so can (YOU) even if you don’t do it my way your ways is great aswell just know

    • frenat

      Thats awesome! Way to go hard!

  • Crystal

    Essentially, you copied 99% of this info off the SkinnyRunner post.

  • I enjoy running in the rain. Running in cold rain in winter, not so much. Considering you live in Minnesota, however, I guess I can’t complain or make an excuse to sit here propped in front of my glowing laptop screen, dry. Off to run. Thank you for the post — and motivation.

    • frenat

      Have a great run!

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  • merideth

    I just saw this even thought it was a while ago, but I have been training and I am just hitting my sweet spot and dont want miss a day. Guess what! Rain.. But this got me motivated and prepared to do it!! Thanks!!

    • frenat

      Awesome Merideth! Hope it went well. What are you training for?