Krysta Gunvalson

Krysta is an East Coast turned Midwest transplant currently living in Portland, OR, but is home wherever she can run. She is a runner for the Oiselle team and is passionate about running and the communities that it creates. Her long-term running goal is to run a 3:00 marathon, but for now will settle for running the 2017 Boston Marathon. When she isn’t running, Krysta loves to be active outdoors, travel, and spend time with her husband and their puggle, Duke.

  • Jennifer Spies

    I’m not currently listening to podcasts while running (I’m on an audiobook kick at the moment or music when I have interval runs) but I listen to podcasts all day long at work. Some of my favorite running related podcasts are:

    – Runner Girls Podcast
    – Embrace Running
    – Two Gomers Run for Their Lives (no longer putting out episodes at the moment but about 5 years of back episodes)
    – The Running Lifestyle Show
    – Ali on the Run
    – Marathon Training Academy
    – Run, Selfie Repeat

    I obviously listen to a lot of podcasts in general, I have about 15 hours queued up right now 🙂

    • ktan

      Wow, lots of new podcasts to me, can’t wait to give them a listen. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

  • Rich Rein

    I am a big fan of Tina Muir’s Runners Connect Run to the Top podcast (great breadth of topics and guests), and Carrie Tollefson’s new C Tolle Run podcast has been interesting so far (especially the last couple, as the format of recording on the run with her guests really makes it feel like you are just running along with them). Jason Fitzgetald’s Runners Strength podcast had some good episodes (his inside look at his coaching calls were some of my favorite). The new “Rub some dirt on it” podcast from Mankato resident/author/running store guy Kevin Langton also had an awesome first episode (look for it on Facebook and Soundcloud, they are still waiting for iTunes/Stitcher approval).

    • ktan

      Great recommendations, thanks Rich!

  • ktan

    New to Ten Junk Miles, but sounds really interesting! Definitely going to give it a listen, thanks for suggesting 🙂