Antonio Vega

Antonio has a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota. As a former member of Team USA Minnesota, he holds a 2:13 marathon PR and 61:54 half marathon PR.

As a coach, he feels it is his job to unlock the hidden potential of any athlete he works with. He believes there is no one size fits all training program, every program needs to be tailor to play on the athlete’s strength.

  • Lenny

    I’m registered for my first marathon, the Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon on May 14th. My official training schedule starts today. Lucky me, it starts with a rest day, so already I’m off to a great start, LOL!

    I feel very comfortable with my training plan as far as the running goes but I do need to come up some core work to do on my off days. My biggest concern for this race is getting proper nutrition i the days leading up to, and during the race. I have time goal, but more than anything, i don’t want to hit the wall and have to walk. I’ve gone as far as 18 miles on a long run already and had enough energy for that, but going at marathon pace for a marathon distance might be a different story.

    • Peace of Mind

      What works for me is half a packet of clif shot every 2-3 miles starting at mile 5. I found that half packet was easier on my stomach than full packet every 5 miles. Experiment with food now – different brands, flavors, frequencies, gels vs. chews, etc. I also carbo-load slowly starting 2 days before the marathon. Whatever carbs you normally eat should be fine. Try before a long run, gauge your energy level at the end of the run, and adjust. Good luck at Lake Wobegon!

      • Lenny


        I have been practicing race nutrition during my long runs, and have discovered what I prefer and can handle. The concern is that my body will utilize my stored energy differently during a marathon than during a long run run at an easy pace which could be 45 to 90 seconds slower per mile. I’d hate to run out of glycogen and hit the wall before the finish line.

        I’ve got plenty time to read up and figure things out and to a large degree, I think I need to run a marathon before I can actually know what to expect and how to deal with it. My first half went very well and I’m optimistic about this full.

        Is it acceptable to carbo-load with IPA’s? 😉