Nathan Freeburg

Nathan started running when he was 14. 20+ years later, he’s still going. When he’s not running, he enjoys exploring the city with his son, finding new restaurants with his wife, traveling, or backpacking. He loves dark beer, dark chocolate, and dark coffee.

Nathan currently lives in Portland, Oregon, but works in Minneapolis and runs wherever he is. Favorite Minnesota running route is anything that takes him along the Mississippi River.
Race Results.

Nathan’s day job is a Consultant with Leadership Vision in Downtown Minneapolis.

  • EricRinMpls

    I picked up the strength training for runners kit off Runners Connect and have been integrating it after my morning runs. Once you have each of your routines memorized it works great. Wish they had a way to put together a concise summary of the components of each routine. I made my own and laminated it so I could weight it down on my porch and refer to it after my run.

    • frenat

      I do wish it was a little easier. I should share with you what I created. Basically a google doc that has links to the routines that I downloaded.

  • This is an excellent post as you clearly have us tips on how to be more efficient in all the areas! I have a tough time with hydration. You’d think it would be easier but I have to force myself to drink!

    Unless, of course it’s beer from a frosty pint glass. That’s no problem at all!

    • frenat

      I think beer does the opposite 🙂


  • Sara

    I never used to have a problem drinking enough water, but lately, I’ve also struggled. I’ve discovered a bit of Nuun All-Day after lunch is super-tasty and more enticing than plain water, or even coffee or tea. I also am trying to carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go. Great post!

    • frenat

      It’s so hard! Nuun is a great way to boost it, because it tastes good and is good for your.