Lisa Fenske

Lisa Fenske started running in college and now it is a big part of her life. When she isn’t training for her next half-marathon, she enjoys discovering healthy recipes on Pinterest, volunteering for Guild Incorporated, networking, traveling, kickboxing, and zumba.
  • Great suggestions Lisa! There are a lot of new ones this year. What a handy resource for this winter.

  • Thanks Lisa, This is a great list! Thanks you so much. I noticed you didn’t mention of Treadmill desk at our office 🙂

  • Michelle Hals

    Walker Fieldhouse at Hamline University also has an indoor running track.

  • Carly Gau

    New Brighton Community Center. 11 laps = one mile. $2 or 12 for $20.

    • frenat

      Thanks Carly!


  • Sue Wehling Hurst

    Tiger Activity Center in Delano, 6.5 laps = 1 mile.

    • frenat

      Thanks Sue! Do you have a website for them?


  • Mark McGinty

    Hopkins high school gym. Been running there every Saturday in winter for the last 4 years. Track is 6 laps to a mile but sometimes there is a basketball tournament and the track is closed. But when it’s open it’s free!

    • Timothy Larsen

      You are supposed to get a track membership from Lindbergh Center. Not free but it is about $45 for the year. True distance per mile is about 6 1/8 laps. I like it there.

  • Lisa Bond

    So glad I found this resource. I am tired of the track at shoreview comm. Cntr. It is 14 laps per mile and you get walkers doubled up there and can’t get around them easily. Based on this list, I tried out the vadnais heights sports dome. Less laps for sure, but running on turf is interesting. My knees will probably appreciate that for now. One drawback is it said the “track” which is really the exterior of the fields was open until 9 a.m. But people started showing up at 8:20 for a lacrosse game so I felt like I had to leave and did leave at 8:45. It was a little awkward running around 2 lacrosse teams. Still better than shoreview…I will try it again. Also the price is now $2 or a 20 punch card for $30.

    • frenat

      Wonderful! Seems like an amazing deal.


  • Jacob Holub

    I believe many YMCA locations in the Twin Cities have an indoor track.