Justin Kruse

Justin started running in college as a way to take a break from his studies. What started as a study break, grew in to a hobby, then into a full blown passion. He is a volunteer coach with the Prior Lake High School cross country team and runs with the Mill City Running team. When he is not running, you will probably find his nose buried in a training book or out enjoying a beer at one of the many great breweries in the Twin Cities.

  • A great story about a great race by a great person. Congratulations to Justin and all of the runners who laced up.

  • Neon Is My Color

    Congratulations! It was a tough day. I set a course record, too, despite the heat. Way to bring it!

  • nashkato

    Congrats, Justin! Great PR. We heard about the heat up there from other St Louis runners!

  • Saul

    Very nice recap, and yes a tough day thanks to the weather. My main goal was to finally break 4 hours, and I was on schedule to finish at 3:45 up until about mile 19 where the heat started to get to me. I slowed up and fought cramps from about mile 20 on, finally finishing at 3:57:30 and then collapsing into one of the wheelchairs in the finish area. I’m still MORE than happy with my time, PRing by just over two and a half minutes in that heat.

    • Awesome job Saul! Way to push through that heat for a great PR!

  • Jennifer Friederich

    Awesome recap!!! I need to take to heart this comment. ‘It’s really tough to come to terms with not hitting a goal you have worked hard to achieve, but just because you don’t hit that goal on a particular day, doesn’t mean your training was in vain.’ I was well on pace to hit my sub 4:45 goal at the half way mark.I had diligently trained for and should have been able to hit, but the heat took it’s toll shortly there after. I finished in 5:00:35 which is still a PR for me by 30 seconds. Come October, I am shattering that 4:45 time and shattering my PR. Onward and upward!!!!

    • Great job Jennifer! I can’t wait to see how you completely ROCK your next marathon!

      • frenat



      • Jennifer Friederich

        Thanks Justin.October 9th I hope to rock out the TC Marathon!!!

  • Will

    My 1st marathon..and it was a cooker! Cell phone out… no music… just running. I finished at 3:49, 42 yra old.