10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Runners

Are you looking for great gift ideas for runners? If you’re like me, you may have put off getting your gifts, and are trying to figure out how to be creative, and cost-effective. Not to worry, if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a runner, below are some great, easy ideas for the runner in your life.

Personally, it annoys me a little when my non-running friends and family members get me “running” gifts. Not to call anyone out, but I’m not going to read the Complete Book of Running (sorry mom, I still love you). That being said, I appreciate the fact that they took the time to find something to feed my addiction healthy habit.

With a little help from the good folks at Mill City Running, below is a list of my top 10 gifts for runners. Casually forward it to your friends and family, or use it for that special runner in your life.

Inexpensive Gifts for Runners

1. Socks

As runners, we always need more socks. No matter how many I have, I could use more. Good socks run about $20 and are a perfect stocking stuffer. Socks make a great Christmas gift for a runner. Look for Fitsok, Smartwool or Features brands.

2. Reflective Stuff

Most even slightly serious runners will run when it’s dark. Get them some sort of reflective stuff they can wear to stay safe. This could be a headlamp, strobe lights, reflective vest, or even knuckle lights.

3. Gift Ideas for Runners Involving Feet

If you’re looking for a good gift for a runner, there are lots of options here. Get them Foot Rubz, blister kits, or a foot massager.

4. Motivational Stuff

Momentum is a local company that makes custom hand-stamped jewelry designed to inspire and motivate you. It’s personalized, and can be stamped with PR’s, or other sayings just for your runner.

5. Heat Gear Underwear

As a kid, I hated getting socks or underwear for Christmas. It felt like a punishment. Now, I love it! It’s a great excuse to spent $20 – $30 on a pair of technical undies. Worth every penny, ESPECIALLY if you’re looking to build your winter running gear wardrobe

6. Running Box Subscription

I personally subscribe to Stridebox.com. For $15/month, they send me all sorts of fun running goodies that I may not otherwise have known about.  Runnerbox, The Feed and FitboxSamples are others, but I haven’t used them.

7. Head Bands and Hats

These are great gifts because there’s a huge price range and a variety of options. Female runners may enjoy something from Kitsch, while men would appreciate a Craft or Pearl Izumi hat.

8. Dermatone Skin Balm

Running in the winter can be brutal. Dermatone skin balm is a fantastic Christmas gift for a runner because it’s practical, inexpensive, and something you didn’t know you were missing. It’s basically a way to prevent windburn on your face from those cold windy days (or the treadmill if you’re really fast).

9. Race Entry Fee

If you’re feeling creative, make a handwritten gift certificate that gives the runner on your list entry to a race of their choice. Since race entries can vary from $20 – $200, best to put a cap on it.

10. A Case of their Favorite Fuel

A great Christmas gift for a runner would be a case of their favorite gel, Gu, energy bar or electrolyte tablet. Stop by your local running store and see if they can order it for you, or find one on Amazon.

What are YOUR Suggestions of Gift Ideas for Runners?

Checkout CTolleRun’s gift ideas for runners episode for more great ideas. If you’re still unsure what to get, the best Christmas gift for a runner may be a gift card to their favorite, local running specialty shop.

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